During his 10 years as an internet strategist Mark Alford has founded successful ventures in ecommerce, healthcare and fitness industries. Prior to his online engagements Mark provided consulting engineering services as a registered Professional Engineer for companies and organizations such as SDG&E, Chevron, US Navy and the US Army Corps of Engineers. In 2006 he founded Atlantis Marketing, an internet marketing and acquisition firm. After several years of growth the company expanded to offer consulting services including SEO, domain monetization, M&A consulting, valuation and divestiture management services for various sized entities. During this time Mark developed ecommerce platforms and technologies for Sony which contributed to the final product at Mark has been a guest at the Google adsense symposium to assist in the development of new revenue and metrics tracking tools and he also served as a consultant for major online ecommerce brands such as Pets United LLC (,, et al). In 2010, Mark founded Sun Pacific Ventures, a private equity investment firm which currently owns a range of businesses in consumer goods and B2B commerce. Mark maintains offices in San Diego, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. For information regarding Mark’s professional portfolio, or if you have a business opportunity you would like to discuss please feel free to contact him.


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